Thursday, November 29, 2012

The sphynx

Don't be alarmed this frightful looking creature is not out to hurt you. This is the Sphynx cat, Isn't it gorgeous?
Well to begin, i can tell you're thinking Why is it hairless? 
The Sphynx appears to be a hairless cat, but it is not truly hairless. The skin texture resembles that of chamois leather. It may be covered with Wellus hair. Because the Sphynx cats have no pelt to keep them warm they huddle up against other animals and people. They even tend to cuddle up and sleep with their owners under the covers.
Even though these felines look scary, doesn't mean they can't be loved.
Never judge a book by its cover applies to these adorable cats.
Don't you go off thinking that hey i'm going to buy a hairless cat cause they look easier to take care of, WOAHHH! calm down, these cats are high maintenance when it comes to medical and grooming issues. You really have to be careful with these kitties if you're going to own one. For example, they have to be bathed every week, you cant have them out in the sun too long because they will get a sunburn, and you should cover them up when its cold outside.
These cats look easy to care for but no. You have to be very careful with them. 
And on the bright side, they're adorable, why wouldn't you want them
and my own experience. 

Monday, November 5, 2012

Self-harm and Derpression

A tricky subject that usually isn't tackled but Iv'e spent 2 days reading about this. Being a victim of this life-style I wouldn't need much research to tell you about it. Depression and self-harm can split you away from your friends and family and no one comes out of this feeling proud and amazing. I will admit that it is a struggle that a lot of people go through. Depression is most likely seen in middle class families, men over 35 and women over 40. While self-harm is seen in 23 percent of teenagers and 38 percent of young adults. Self-harm is a very dangerous act committed by teens which is brought on by depression and could possibly lead to suicide later on in their life. The emotional toll that this leaves behind in families and friendships is crucial. Some teens snap out of it and some don’t. Not only is it dangerous but the scars you are left behind with are with you for the rest of your life. In the articles, they say that self-harm and depression can be treated and to be honest, that is a lie. It’s up to you alone to stop. Nothing is worth you tearing up your skin and making yourself bleed. People are there for you and will always be there to help you with anything you have to say, but it’s all up to you to stop.

Monday, October 1, 2012

Marilyn Manson

Sweet dreams are made of this, Who am i to disagree? -Marilyn Manson
     This man, this icon to me has just climbed up into my life and absolutely ruined my sweet and innocent personality and Honestly, i couldn't thank him enough. 
     Well let me not start off jabbering and leave you without a clue of who he is. His stage name and name that he is best known by is Marilyn Manson, but he didn't start of with that name. He was born in a small town called Canton in Ohio on January 5th, 1969, and was given the wondrous name of Brian Hugh Warner. Raised in a small town he attended his mother's Episcopal church though his dad was a Catholic, but this religion would surely fade away as he grew older. As a teen he formed a band called Marilyn Manson and the Spooky Kids, which soon shortened to just Marilyn Manson later on in his career. He worked with Twiggy and Madonna Wayne Gacy. He's released around 7 albums. Okay so how did he manage to create the name "Marilyn Manson"? actually it's not as complex as some people think, he simply wanted to put the names together of two really great singer, Marilyn Monroe and Charles Manson. People are always confused with his music and say he sings the songs of the devil but honestly who can be an angel 24/7? i certainly can't so yes he does sing music that seems to be demonic for example Sweet Dreams (are made of this) is a very frightening song to some people so they rather not hear it, but his genre is not defined as Devil Music.It's actually classified as Shock rock, Alternative Metal or even Hard Rock. His style is very very original and i don't think anyone overwhelms me like he does.
     So the reason that i'm writing about this is just to let you know more about someone you dont know, but if you do know him then maybe this isn't new to you. I really love this singer and he's inpspired me to be the person i am and thanks to him iv'e learned to understand the more darker side of me. His music has helped me understand life, and to cheer me up, iv'e been listening to him since age 11 when my whole life crumbled to pieces, he's and icon to me, i have dreams about him, I just love Marilyn Manson.

Somewhat appropriate songs that i recommend you to listen to:

Saturday, September 8, 2012

2.07 Free Choice Blog Slender Man

Slender Man,
Who is this man and why should you be afraid.
The slender man is an odd person… well maybe not even that. Not many people get to witness this strange human. The lucky ones who do wish they didn’t because they know what’s coming for them. He is described as a long, tall, thin man white a pale face… actually he has no face you just see white. He terrorizes children and stalks all who witness his encounter. Long limbs come out of his arms and act as arms to lure children to his embrace, almost as hypnosis. When the children hug the tall “friendly” man, he abducts them, kills them, with no trace of blood or bodies. Stories of children running to their parents about a long slender man have been reported many times and soon after they see this man, they go missing. He doesn’t talk, doesn’t move, he lures you toward him and put you into a trance and if that doesn’t work, he stalks you and makes you paranoid. Some symptoms of his quiet attack include: Coughing up blood, paranoia, and dizziness then eventually death.
My personal reaction to this article:
I am terrified, and mostly paranoid. I’ve never heard of something so scary, but when you think about it he isn’t an intimidating creature. After reading blogs and seeing videos of encounters with slender man, I’m truly terrified. He is just so damn creepy and I hope he never comes near me. I can’t even go to the bathroom with my closet door open. The idea of a man of between 6-15 feet in height with extra arms in a suit stalking me is just terrifying.
The style of notes I would use to organize the article I wrote would be an Outline. That way I can organize the different encounters, his appearance, the children, and the families of the deceased.
Video of Slender Man:
Pictures of Slender Man:

Thursday, August 16, 2012

01.03 Materials and Free Choice

My results for What Kind of Reader Are You? quiz:
"Fiction is your favorite genre. you like to escape when you read. you enjoy stories that tell you something other than your normal life. As long as its not real, its up your alley. "
"Speculative fiction is your second favorite genre. you like to get as far away from reality as possible when you read. wether you love aliens, dragons, or zombies, you enjoy escaping into a world thats not your own."

This answer seemed pretty accurate because im always reading stories about Fantasy, Horror, Cult stories and im always enjoying it.

"What is the last thing you read that you enjoyed and why?"
The last thing i read and enjoyed was "Around the world in a hundred years". i enjoyed it because it explained history in a very suspenseful way, it described all of the founder's stories but with a funny but scary twist to it. It talked about how the world came to be, about trade, conquering land, and the people. Usually im bored half to death when it comes to geography but this book made its exception and got me entertained quickly.